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Discover how Sonar can seamlessly integrate with your existing solutions.

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Empower your sales team with the data they need to close more deals. Review and participate in text messaging conversations with prospects without ever having to leave Salesforce.

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Add Sonar activities to your Zendesk account and add SMS as a channel to your favorite helpdesk tool.

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Get your team up and running on Sonar quickly by provisioning users through your existing OKTA implementation. Work with our implementation team to set up OKTA to manage roles and permissions for different users.

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Easily schedule meetings and automate meeting reminders with Sonar’s calendly integration. See which contacts in Sonar have already scheduled meetings with your team.

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For teams wanting to keep customer communication within their Slack Workspace, our integration with Slack is perfect for you! When you receive an inbound text message from Sonar, the same message will appear in a designated Slack channel. Within Slack, there will be a link where you can reply to the message.

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Our Zapier integration provides the flexibility for you to integrate Sonar with thousands of applications available on Zapier.

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API and Webhooks

The world is your oyster with our robust suite of APIs and Webhooks. Use our flexible API and webhooks to custom build your own solution to automate flows and streamline performance.

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Azure Active Directory

Simplify the provisioning and authentication process for Sonar by leveraging our Azure Active Directory integration. Work with our customer success team to manage roles and permissions for different users through Active Directory.

More Integrations

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