Place More Candidates Using SMS For Recruiting and Staffing

SMS allows you to build more personal connections with your candidates, allowing you to be top of mind when a candidate is job searching

Increase placement rates with texting

Make the recruiting and placement process delightful for candidates and clients

Respond instantly

Quickly and easily respond when candidates contact you, make sure candidates know they are your priority

Effective notifications

Send timely notifications when new jobs are available for the right candidates

Plug into existing ATS systems

Easily push data into and out of your existing ATS systems

Automatic Follow Up

Setup automatic follow-up text messages so you always stay top-of-mind to your candidates

Respond instantly to candidates

Job searchers are time-sensitive, which means you need to always respond quickly to candidates. Sonar helps you do this.

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Job openings, decision updates, information collection - send high priority notification text messages at the right time.

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ATS system integrations

Plug directly into your existing ATS system so you don't have “yet another tab” to manage.

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Automatic Follow Up

Setup messages to automatically follow up with candidates on a specific schedule, shortening the time to place a candidate in a role.

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